Episode 1

Whitney Wilson

The Roots of Domestic Violence


Episode 2

Carly Basian

Sex Ed: Then and Now

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Episode 3

Matthew Ridley

Day in the Life of a Sex Therapist

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episode 4

wes Heney

Chronicles of a Trans Life


episode 5

veronica kazoleas

Pleasure, Politics and a Bureaucrat-turned- Sex Shop Owner

episode 6

Navigating Consent

Guest: Karen B.K. Chan

Karen B.K. Chan

episode 7

Day in the Life of a Hip-Hop Emcee-turned-Porn Star

Guest: Malcolm Lovejoy

Malcolm Lovejoy


Mindful Masturbation

Guest: Caitlin K Roberts



Sexual Self-Esteem & Tantra 101

Guest: Sofia Fortin


Sofia Fortin is the founder of the Happy Vagina Project. Her mission is to create connections between the art of sex, feminine woo woo and unleashing your inner awesome. Sofia is a certified sexuality coach and sex educator who is inspired to help women and men reconnect with their inner spark and reignite their love of life and their relationships. 


During this enlightening chat, Sofia breaks down what tantra actually is (it’s not what you think) and she answers an important question: Does improving your sex life and raising your sexual confidence ripple outwards to other areas of life? 


Sofia answers this question through her own rocky road to sexual self-discovery. Her story will make you wonder if your sexual self-esteem and habits are at a 6 when they could be at a 10 and some tactics for finding your peak. She also talks about how new moms struggle with changes to their sexuality. 


Sofia offers coaching services for women and couples worldwide, you can learn more here. 


Unpacking Polyamory

Guest: Angie Gunn

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On this episode, I partner with Vanessa and Maggie, hosts of 21 Questions, to speak with revered sex therapist and social worker, Angie Gunn

Angie addresses our questions about polyamory, also known as consensual non-monogamy, bulldozing misconceptions about people who practice it and how they practice it. She also shares the dramatic life events that led her to this profession and lifestyle. 

Hear tidbits on:

  • the myriad ways consensual non-monogamy is practiced

  • the discrimination polyamorists face

  • establishing what you need from a relationship and how to set boundaries

  • control and ownership in monogamous culture

  • poly culture as primarily white and middle class

  • how monogamous folk can be kinder to the poly community

Angie talks about More Than Two, a book on polyamory. There's also a More Than Two website with oodles of resources that anyone can use and lots of articles on consensual non-monogamy. 

Work with Angie

episode 11

Sex Myths uncovered 


Sex Myths Uncovered is a panel I was asked to host in Toronto. If you ever wanted to hear a complex, nuanced, high-level conversation about sex politics, this is it!

A groundbreaking, funny, frank conversation from five very distinct, brilliant vantage points.

We asked the public to submit questions in advance and answered them on air. 'Twas awesome!

Sex Myths Uncovered will unbox the mysteries, misunderstandings, and curiosities surrounding women’s sexual health. The conversations explore both the physiological and the psychological, with voices from the medical community, sex work activism and sexual health education. Panelists will share their experiences from the Toronto sex community and beyond, opening up the discussion with the audience at the end for a Q&A.


Veronica Kazoleas, M.A, Founder of The Nookie // Veronica Kazoleas, M.A. is an award-winning social psychologist and former healthcare executive. @thenookieshop

Allison M. Dalby, RN, MN-NP (candidate) // Allison has worked in sexual health throughout her nearly nine-year career as a Registered Nurse.

Claire AH, Matchmaker, Sex and Dating Coach/Educator, Disability Advocate // Claire AH is a matchmaker for Friend of a Friend Matchmaking, working with the Toronto LGBTQ+ community and the entire Hamilton population. www.ClaireAH.com Instagram: @claireahhhh

Ducky Doolittle, Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Counselor & Pleasure-Based Sex Educator // Ducky is a Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Counselor and a pleasure-based Sex Educator. @duckydoolittle https://www.facebook.com/duckydoolittle ohilikethis.com

Shriya Hari, Sexual Health Promoter/Community Based Researcher // Shriya Hari is an experienced community based researcher and sexual health promoter based in Toronto Ontario.@shareyournuance @asaaptoronto @kshyamasattic


Male Sexual Trauma &

Hope for Healing

Guest: Rick Goodwin

Rick Goodwin- Headshot - FINAL.jpg

A fascinating discussion with Rick Goodwin. Rick is a pioneer of Canadian programming for men who have experienced sexual and/or physical childhood abuse, the statistics and the impact are alarming to say the least. Rick relays two decades of experience in a concise way and we still found time to talk about #metoo, Netflix, the US military and more. 

Here's a snap of what you'll learn:

- When men experience trauma, how long do they tend to keep it secret?

- What is emotional integrity and why are more men interested in it now?

- How is #metoo impacting male survivors of sexual violence?

- How do ideas about Western masculinity foster a sense of shame for men?

- How does trauma impact the lives of men and the people around them and what can survivors do to start healing?



Men and Healing


The Bristlecone Project

Lele Mbinda

In 2019, I traveled to South Africa and Namibia. While visiting Cape Town, I went on a Township Tour with Lele Mbinda and visited his hometown of Langa just outside Cape Town. Lele opened my eyes to not only how people live day to day in Langa, but also how sex is viewed by adults and youth. Heads up that this episode includes a discussion about rape. 

We talked about the following topics as they pertain to Langa Township: 

  • the intersection of poverty, class, race, intergenerational differences and culture in how residents talk or rather, do not talk about sex

  • the many obstacles to speaking openly about sex and asking questions

  • dating for young people

  • the impact of menstruation on young women

  • lack of awareness regarding harassment and rape

  • suggestions for how to move forward and create more open dialogue

  • local perspectives on LGBTQ folk

  • STEM programming for youth

  • The iThuba Project

Learn More 

The iThuba Project

Lele's Website

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