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Sexual Self-Esteem and Tantra 101


Sofia Fortin is the founder of the Happy Vagina Project. Her mission is to create connections between the art of sex, feminine woo woo and unleashing your inner awesome. Sofia is a certified sexuality coach and sex educator who is inspired to help women and men reconnect with their inner spark and reignite their love of life and their relationships. 


During this enlightening chat, Sofia breaks down what tantra actually is (it’s not what you think) and she answers an important question: Does improving your sex life and raising your sexual confidence ripple outwards to other areas of life? 


Sofia answers this question through her own rocky road to sexual self-discovery. Her story will make you wonder if your sexual self-esteem and habits are at a 6 when they could be at a 10 and some tactics for finding your peak. She also talks about how new moms struggle with changes to their sexuality. 


Sofia offers coaching services for women and couples worldwide, you can learn more here. 


angie gunn

Unpacking Polyamory

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On this episode, I partner with Vanessa and Maggie, hosts of 21 Questions, to speak with revered sex therapist and social worker, Angie Gunn

Angie addresses our questions about polyamory, also known as consensual non-monogamy, bulldozing misconceptions about people who practice it and how they practice it. She also shares the dramatic life events that led her to this profession and lifestyle. 

Hear tidbits on:

  • the myriad ways consensual non-monogamy is practiced
  • the discrimination polyamorists face
  • establishing what you need from a relationship and how to set boundaries
  • control and ownership in monogamous culture
  • poly culture as primarily white and middle class
  • how monogamous folk can be kinder to the poly community

Angie talks about More Than Two, a book on polyamory. There's also a More Than Two website with oodles of resources that anyone can use and lots of articles on consensual non-monogamy. 

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